The outline sketches for the Million Seater Stadium are now in place. There is a clear vision which has been met with enthusiastic feedback and some amazement. The wow factor required to make the Stadium concept take off is now in play.

The next challenge was how to fit one million seats into the Stadium so that everyone could get a great view of the all the action.

The shape of the Stadium would be crucial. The initial sketches showed a spherical shape but how could that work in practice? Once again, Jim Grimley of Reiach and Hall, the architect who was designing the Stadium searched the internet and books for ideas. A recent space probe to Saturn had sent back astonishing pictures of the rings around the planet which Jim found inspiring.

The Stadium would have a series of rings at the top of the Stadium and steep sloping seating so that people could watch in an arena with a unique atmosphere. It would almost be like a celestial body and something incredibly special but it would also provide practical aspects like effective covering and a place for potential sponsors.

The Stadium also needed to connect with the wider community. How would people connect with one another which preserved a sense of togetherness which was so marked in many football clubs around the world?

The big practical challenge was simply, how do you visually represent a million seats? And how do you work out who sits where? He had to stand back and look at this from a 3D perspective and try to visualise how the seating would come together. He examined how different football clubs from around the world construct their terraces and then visualised them within a huge one million seater stadium.

As he brought the spherical shape of the Stadium together he worked out the area a block of 125 seats would take up. He then needed to scope out 8,000 blocks of 125. By using this simple arithmetic calculation, he was able to draw out the 8,000 blocks in the spherical shape of the Stadium. Each block had a different colour and that applied across the Stadium gave it a unique feel.

At the same time, the Stadium began to take shape from a practical point of view. The plan would be to fill up each block of 125 at a time. Each block could potentially be taken up by a country or a group of football fans with allegiance to one particular club or another.  

Sketched out in the way, suddenly the loose idea of a million-seater stadium was beginning to come together from a very practical point of view whilst retaining its stunning outlook and design.

The latest visual images are laid out below.

Now that the Stadium had a shape and a seating plan for one million people, the next challenge was to create stadium entrances which would allow one million people access at the same time. The story continues next week when the amazing entrances to the Stadium will be revealed.