Jim Grimley, the architect and Million Seater Sradium director from Reiach and Hall Architects, who was designing the Stadium, continued with his sketches. He now had a clear vision for what the Stadium would look like and he had worked out how one million people would fit into the Stadium.

He kept drawing sketches and then the notion hit him that the Stadium could actually move around the world. It was a virtual stadium after all.

He began sketching out the Stadium as it hovered over iconic cities or moved to where certain events were taking place. When the Stadium is finished it will feature football events which have a social focus like the Homeless World Cup as an example. As the Homeless World Cup was taking place in Oslo in September, he drafted up a test image of what the Stadium might look like as it hovered over a fjord in Norway. It had spectacular results.

Then he began playing around with other cities. He had been working in Milan so he created an image of the Stadium over Milan. Then he tried New York. Then Moscow where the FIFA World Cup would be held in 2018. He sketched out more cities. Each image looked special and it fired up his imagination.

And this played into the whole long-term plan for the Stadium. The idea is that the Stadium would host special events throughout the year. People would be able to watch these events online on a season-ticket basis with all income going to the Stadium’s charity partners.

If you can imagine that Boca Juniors were playing Manchester United in a special football match then an image of the Stadium hovering over Buenos Aires would be created. The Stadium would then move onto its next location. The beauty is that the Stadium is virtual so it can do what it likes and go where it likes.

It could be heading to Melbourne or New York or Warsaw or indeed Edinburgh where it is being created.

It is an exciting time as the Stadium takes shape and its practical application comes into focus. It’s on the move and rockin’ all over the world.

Some of the images are illustrated below.

Next week: how do people actually get into the Stadium? The challenge of getting one million people into the Stadium at the same time!