Cities can fly? Then the Stadium will fly too.

The notion of the Stadium actually taking off and then landing in different cities around the world takes a real leap of the imagination.

Not only will we have the biggest stadium ever constructed with one million seats but in addition it will move around the world to different locations. Although the idea of a Stadium moving around the world is brand new, the idea of whole cities taking off has been around for decades and this is where Jim Grimley, from Reiach and Hall Architects,  the lead designer of the Stadium drew his inspiration.

Georgii Krutikov, a Russian architect came up with the idea of a flying city in 1928 and presented it as a solution for what he perceived as a problem of a growing population and overcrowded cities. He was part of an avant-garde movement at the time where many concepts were imagined but his thoughts were taken very seriously and many articles and theses were published on the subject.

After the Russian revolution, Soviet architects who took to redesigning cities in completely new way, seriously examined the possibility of cities flying through the air. Many architects have looked at the possibility of buildings moving and hence whole cities moving.  

Of course science fiction writers have always written about cities floating including James Blish who wrote “Cities in Flight”. Peter Jackson is currently making a film of the book “Mortal Engines” by author Philip Reeve, where the city of London roams the earth looking for smaller cities to consume!

There has been extensive research into how to get massive solid objects to move. Scottish inventor Sandy Kidd investigated the gravity defying “Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster” in the 1980’s and another inventor; Eric Laithwaite, the father of the maglev rail system, patented a gyroscopic propulsion system. The Göde Scientific Foundation in Germany has been carrying out research into gravity for decades and has also offered a reward of one million euros for any reproducible anti-gravity experiment.

The gyroscopic design of the Stadium means that it is quite conceivable to have it visit different cities around the world.

The Stadium will move. It will possibly visit your country or your city. It will be a fantastic sight and it will have so much potential to hold events which in turn will raise money to support organisations trying to eliminate homelessness around the world through the game of football.

Let your imagination fly and change the world in the process.