Spirals In the Sky: Stadium Looking Spectacular

A million people in the Stadium – what a fantastic thought! But how do one million get in and of the Stadium?

Indeed, how do one million people get in and out of the Stadium at the same time? Imagine one million people arriving at the Stadium in time for kick-off and then leaving at full time?

This was the next challenge for Stadium architect, Jim Grimley of Reiach and Hall.

The outline Stadium design was in place so it was a question of working out how many entrances there might be, where they would be situated and what they would look like. It was a big challenge but again proper research was the key.

Jim had seen dramatic pictures taken from planes above hurricanes and even pictures taken as planes flew through hurricanes and he noticed how the shape looked roughly like his notion of the original Stadium. There were spiral shapes and interesting geometric structures within a hurricane. Was this a clue?

Then he looked at Ruth Vollmer’s work which was based on circles and spheres and tried to combine some sketches which connected with hurricanes and, in particular, tornadoes.

The solution was now in front of him. He needed spiral ways which would wind up through the Stadium and get narrower as they approached the top.

But he needed something spectacular for the main entrance which was designed along the same spherical lines but which had that additional “wow” factor. The front entrance had to be “jaw dropping”.

He imagined fans arriving carrying flags and banners and walking round this spiral entrance creating a massive array of bright colours backed with real energy and passion. The entrance would also be a place where people could buy founders flags which would be visible to everyone. The purpose of the Stadium would be encapsulated in the grand entrance which would provide a dramatic solution to getting one million people into the Stadium at any one time.

He wanted the entrances to inspire and connect with passionate fans who were coming together to help change the world and end homelessness. The entrance was vital to the whole design.

With his entrance designs finished (see below) he moved on to looking at how the Stadium would actually move around the world which is the subject of next week’s article.