Bringing real change through a virtual venue.

The goal of the Million Seater Stadium is clear: make a change through football. Some would consider it a success if one life was changed through the Stadium. And it probably is justified to celebrate one life, changing for the better through the effort of a community. But the goal here is wider, bigger, more ambitious. Football has the power to do anything it wants, if it wants to. We want to push football to do it. It is not easy to bring together rivals, enemies of the game for a great cause, but without ambition this project would be dead even before it started.

Obviously the road ahead is long and uncertain, as ambition is always met with difficulty, doubt and eventual growth. The project is not starting from scratch: we are building on Mel Young’s experience with the Homeless World Cup, with our football connections and knowledge. Ending homelessness is not something you achieve with three weeks work, talking to important people in the sport. We often hear that football is nothing without its fans. So we embraced this idea. Many projects involved clubs, other involved fans. We wanted both.

The idea is to create a hub for all fans to be united, but also where football rivalries would still exist. Rivalry would allow growth and competition. We wanted to keep what makes football football, and using it to change the life of thousands of fans who love the game as much as everyone else, but cannot live their passion or their everyday life like the rest of us.

So here it is, the big start. The construction has begun. Let’s see where this takes us. Join us. End Homelessness.

The team at Million Seater Stadium.