These are the six charities around the world we will be supporting initially. They all are already making a lasting difference to the lives of people affected by homelessness. 100% of the funds we raise through donations, sale of merchandise and event ticket sales will go to help these organisations to deliver their programmes to larger numbers of people and continue to make their contribution to ending homelessness.

Horn of Africa DEvelopment Initiative


Our Mission: To champion justice and development in the Horn of Africa through advocacy, education, peace building and sustainable livelihoods.

Our Vision: A democratic and peaceful society engaging in sustainable development.

Happy Football Cambodia


Mission: To work with disadvantaged youth in Cambodia through the medium of the world's most popular sport, football.

Goals: To fund a football program in Phnom Penh, and endeavour to bring a team to the annual Homeless World Cup.

Street Soccer Scotland


Our theory is simple. Poverty leads to a lack of HOPE and a lack of OPPORTUNITY. And our MISSION is to provide OPPORTUNITY and build HOPE.

Slum Soccer


Slum Soccer is an Indian organisation which uses football - the beautiful game which is unique yet a perfect vehicle that transcends race, religion, language and gender to bring about a change in the lives of street dwellers.

Street Soccer USA


Mission: To fight poverty and empower underserved communities through soccer

Goals: To provide an alternative to the pay-to-play model of youth sports with a focus on social impact across the United States and beyond.



Mission:  To prevent youth from engaging in anti-social activities such as gangsterism and crime, substance abuse, violence and life on the streets. We strongly believe in learning through linking sports and empowering information.

Goals: Teaching life skills such as fair play, respect, team-spirit and how to deal with difficulties to assist our participants in making intelligent choices for a better future.