Belong. To a community, a team, a group of people who cheer you on. Who have got your back. Who lift you up and make you feel like you’re part of something. We all want that. To feel valued, safe and welcome.

By signing up and taking your seat in the Million Seater Stadium you are taking a stand for 100 million homeless people. Putting your foot down and speaking up for folk who are less fortunate. Letting them know that they belong. That we are listening. And that football has the collective power to be a force of good. #WeAreMillion

Take your seat and offer a hand
You’re one in a million. Bring your passion. Get
involved. Share your story. Tell us your news and your views. Curate. Donate. And stay connected to the the very best of online football action. Belong to a global tribe. Join a movement that matters. Be a part of the biggest force the Game has ever known. Step up and step inside the Million Seater Stadium. Join force, unite our collective power and drive social change. To eliminate global homelessness.

Play your part. See the impact you’re having with up-to-date and live information. Support, donate, join the banter and share your passion..



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What are the advantages of being a member?

-          A chance to win prizes

-          Regular articles highlighting the power of football

-          Opportunity to share your club's social impact initiatives

-          Merchandise

-          Newsletters

-          Special offers regarding YOUR football club

-          Vote