We are building a million-seater virtual stadium to harness the passion of the global football community to raise funds in support of our mission to end homelessness.  We are focusing on the world of football because of our deep connections with sport for development initiatives including with the Homeless World Cup and the global football community.

The stadium will be an online venue that will act as a hub, delivering engaging, meaningful, exclusive and unique content that appeal to football fans from all horizons, which will connect them directly with organisations and individuals that are working to eradicate homelessness in their communities.

Our Mission

Million Seater Stadium has a global vision to ‘End Homelessness’. This is an ambitious goal but it is scalable - across the world we aim to make an impact on one person, one street, one town, one country in a parallel timeline, harnessing the passion and igniting the power of football and its billions of fans to do this.


Listen to chairman Mel Young discuss the project's vision, plans and background. 

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